About Us

Founded in 2008 by Mark and Marie Austin, CMYK Grafix is one of the few superior-quality, grand format digital printing companies in the Northwest. Started in Pocatello, Idaho they built this company from the ground up.

Mark, an avid drag racer, previously worked as a production manager at Gandy Digital, the Canadian manufacturer in Toronto that produces the large format printers we make use of in our facility. Mark's in depth knowledge of the machines gives him a foothold in the market that has enabled him to perfect and pass on his craft to the rest of his production team. His wife, Marie, has been an integral part of the business by managing a majority of the existing client accounts and relations as well as creating a light-hearted atmosphere in which everyone thrives and feels valued. It is she who primarily coordinates the efforts of the graphic design and administrative teams, making the system we've set in place work as seamlessly as possible.

Specializing in billboards, banners, backlit displays, tradeshow and business signage, as well as custom vehicle wraps, our top of the line printers produce some of the finest large-scale, high-resolution imagery on the market. We have worked with some fabulous clients, including but not limited to Albertsons, Boise State University, Micron, Simplot, Whole Foods, & Winco.

Recently partnered with Kryptek Outdoor Group, CMYK Grafix has been licensed to produce printed vinyl vehicle wraps in all of the Kryptek® camo patterns from Altitude® to Wraith® and everything in between. We are also the exclusive sellers of the Kryptek Metallic vinyls, a product developed for those of our customers who aren't into camo, but still love the pattern and want to spice up a sportier vehicle. Our mission is to provide our clients with superior designs, printed on the finest materials, for the strongest impact, all for an unbeatable price.

With CMYK Grafix on your side your only limitation is your imagination.